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Learn how to create video without wasting time
or being overwhelmed by the technology.

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Finally! Here are 4 tools to help you get started with video marketing even if you've never picked up a video camera, are terrified of being seen on screen or are simply overwhelmed by the thought of it all. (Plus an exclusive bonus gift below!)

Gift #1: Video & Audio Tutorial - How To Love Yourself on Video ($137 value)

We're all shocked the first time we hear or see ourselves on video. And usually, to our eyes and ears, it's all bad! Learn the truth about why you look and sound the way you do and tips and tricks for looking and sounding your absolute best.

Gift #2: Audio MP3 - 5 Steps to Creating Business Video Without a Camera, Without the Overwhelm and Without Wasting Time ($97 value)

Discover EXACTLY why video is so powerful and how you can create your first video in a day without spending a dime! In this audio recording, you will learn:

Gift #3: Special Report: "The Beginner's Guide to Video Marketing: How To Get Started Without Even Being on Camera" ($97 value)

Video can drive up to 300% more traffic to your website, keep them there longer and by doing so, dramatically
shorten the "Know Like Trust BUY" cycle!

This 22 page e-book shares specific information on how to create video, including:

Gift #4: The "Video Marketing Tips™" Ezine ($207 value)

In less than 3 minutes, my weekly ezine will share with you quick and powerful tips to help you start getting the results you want with video! The focus of this ezine is to help you:

Each week I will share information that you can easily and immediately apply in your own video marketing for your business. If you are not completely thrilled with the value you receive, you can remove yourself from ezine distribution at any time.

BONUS: Opportunity for a Complimentary 30 Minute Strategic Video Review Session

For a limited time, I'm offering you the opportunity to apply for a complimentary 30-minute Strategic Video Review Session during which I'll talk one-on-one with you to explore what your biggest challenge is with video marketing. Whether you're overcome by the technology, wondering what to put on video or simply need some constructive and objective feedback on your existing videos, we'll work through it. There are a limited number of appointments available and I request that only applicants who are serious about using video in their business apply.

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Teach Me Video Marketing™ Toolkit!

 Get Your Video Marketing Toolkit! 
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Lynn Ruby, a leading authority on marketing and video marketing in particular, is the founder of RubyMarketingSystems.com. After 25+ years in the trenches leading the marketing efforts for the corporate world, Lynn now brings the power of online marketing expertise to business owners.

She works with entrepreneurs who are really good at what they do and yet are sometimes confused, intimidated or downright skeptical of all the hype about online marketing.

Lynn is an expert at easily explaining complicated technical and marketing strategies and systems in everyday, ordinary language so that business owners can make intelligent decisions about what to implement for their business.

If you want someone you can trust to lay it on the line for you regarding online marketing – and video marketing in particular – Lynn Ruby is the person.

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